Banana Bungee Hanger, Practical Stand and Rack Alternative, Under Cabinet Hook Holds Single or Bunch, Made In USA

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Why Banana Bungee?

😀 It’s Small and Unobtrusive – With each cord measuring just 4.5 inches, and 0.8 inches cubed head, the Banana Bungee is small enough to fit discretely into any part of your kitchen without the need to majorly reorganize kitchen counter space. Store in a drawer when you’re not using it!

⚙️ It’s Simple to Install and Use – A small S hook allows you to suspend the Banana Bungee from pre-existing items, like an overhanging pot rack or a refrigerator shelf. Alternatively, pick a preferred location. Simply place the eye screw provided behind a kitchen cabinet leading edge, then hang in complete confidence. More secure than a stick-on plastic banana hook. More stable than a banana stand!

👍 It’s Versatile – Easy to hang almost anywhere, our banana holder is uniquely designed with 4 flexible cord extending from a central tab, each with its own adjustable cord lock. Thread the cords through the bunch, or twist-tie two strands to secure a single banana, then tear away a finger with no fear of collapse!

🍌 Keeps Bananas Fresh Longer – By mimicking nature’s favorite banana storage method, the Banana Bungee provides the most natural fruit storage system possible indoors. And by replicating the natural airflow, it promotes a more even ripening process, keeping bananas fresh for longer

👀 Easy Access to Your Favorite Fruit – Store bananas in plain view, free-hanging at eye level or above kitchen counters, to ensure maximum accessibility at all times!

🥣 Keeps Your Kitchen Clutter Free – Free-up valuable kitchen counter space otherwise taken by your fruit bowl, and keep it clear for more important tasks. To experience the benefits for yourself, add a Banana Bungee to your basket now!