About us

A native Houstonian (second generation), Trevor A Chargois is someone who always loved to tinker and create. Trevor retired from a corporate environment of 25 years with a desire and support from a loving wife to transition immediately into re-inventing self. While in the process of searching and creating other business models, he invented the Banana Bungee™!

As with most inventions, the Banana Bungee™ was born out of necessity. His wife, Paulette, requested something to get the bananas off the kitchen counter. This is where they end up in most households and their home was no different. One of her immediate projects was de-cluttering the kitchen counters. This made her request resonate a bit more!  After passing on the common banana holder, fruit-basket and banana-stand with the ‘single rigid hook’… he ended up designing their own solution. The Banana Bungee™ vision was born!

The initial concept was birthed in October 2015 with the commercial product completed and launched in late 2016. We don’t have a physical storefront but have formed business relationships that help meet production, assembly and sales requirements.  Practically all materials used for the Banana Bungee are sourced in the United States. And it is completely hand assembled in the Houston Metropolitan area.  In fact, the mold was manufactured in Pearland, Texas. The injection molding (using FDA approved materials) is performed in North Houston. We buy in bulk our bungee cord and our characteristic yellow pull-tab webbing's (made in Rhode Island and Alabama respectively).

The art of creating and creative-thinking has been a lifelong passion of Trevor. We are proud the Banana Bungee™, a patent pending product, came at this specific time and juncture in our lives. We hope you come to love it. We guarantee you’ll go bananas over the Banana Bungee™!